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SOLFERINI has already worked in several companies  notable, among them are:


Mas Valor Partner, Concepcion, Chile .

  • Study of the potential for energy optimization of a cogeneration and hydrogen production plant in a pulp and derivatives production center.

Magnesium from Brazil, Jucás, Ceará .

  • Influence of Seasonality on Efficiency and Conversion Rates in Calcination Process - Magnesium do Brasil - 2021.

Smarteso - Smart Team Solutions .

  • Instrumentation and control in digital image processing.

New flame spreader for domestic stove burners, project PIPE, FAPESP.

  • Stove burner design 20% more efficient than Brazilian market burners.

Delta H - Technological Developments, Vitória, ES.

  • Detailed design of a circulating fluidized bed gasification plant to generate energy from urban waste;

  • Heat exchanger design for equipment exhaust gases;

  • Air heater design (5.2 MW) for reactor ignition;

  • Process video ( Gasification of Urban Waste ).

Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional (CSN) , Volta Redonda, RJ.

  • Technical assistance in the implementation of the oxy-combustion system for the Blast Furnace 3 regenerators;

  • Analysis and assistance in the investigation of the gas leak accident in the OG system;

  • Combustion analysis and definitions of needs in galvanizing processes 2, URA (acid regeneration unit), reheating of torpedo cars, reheating of steel shop pans and blast furnace 2 regenerators;

  • Analysis of the Sintering Ignition Furnaces;

  • Thermal model for blast furnace regenerators;

  • Optimization of combustion in plate reheating ovens, g) Analysis of CO2 and energy emissions for the Presidente Vargas Steelworks to simulate the application of new steelmaking technologies;

  • Study of the occurrence of incomplete combustion at the Presidente Vargas Steelworks.


São Paulo Gas Company (Comgás) , São Paulo, SP

  • Efficient use of natural gas in the textile industry;

  • Application of flameless combustion systems (“Flameless Combustion”) – technical-economic evaluation of use in reheating furnaces for rolling mills;

  • Development of a flameless combustion system (“Flameless Combustion”).


EMBRAER , São José dos Campos, SP

  • Determination of the flammability limits of ethanol.


GASMIG , Belo Horizonte, MG

  • Maximizing the efficiency of the natural gas combustion process in the calcining furnaces of Mineração Curimbaba.


Usiminas , Ipatinga, MG

  • Characterization of the combustion process in a thick plate heat treatment furnace;

  • Analysis of gas interchangeability in reheating ovens.


Gerdau – Pindamonhangaba Unit, SP

  • Analysis of the events that led to the occurrence of the fire in the Operation Room of the Electric Furnace of the Steel Shop (FEA 81);

  • Characterization of combustion with propane air in company processes;

  • Combustion analysis and adequacy of the burners of the Forjaria kilns.

  • Evaluation of NOx Generation in the Oxyfuel Process.  


Gerdau – Mogi das Cruzes Unit, SP

  • Characterization of combustion with propane air in company processes.


Vale do Rio Doce Company , Rio de Janeiro, RJ

  • Survey of the company's greenhouse gas emissions;

  • Emission of dioxins in a pilot sinter plant;

  • Combustion of natural gas in pellet furnace burners.


Companhia Siderúrgica de Tubarão (CST) , Serra, ES

  • Combustion in coke oven, calcination and sintering;

  • Incineration of hospital waste, support to the municipalities of São Mateus and Colatina;

  • Treatment of flue gases from ammoniacal steam boiler;

  • Ignition of the mixture in the boiler of the Thermoelectric Unit;

  • Exchange of combustible gases in a plate reheating furnace;

  • Forecast of NOx emission in sintering.


Paranapanema – Caraíba Metais, Dias D'Ávila, BA

  • Incident analysis in copper concentrate dryer.


Oriente Alternative Energies , Vitória, ES

  • Studies on cleaning gas from gasification and its use in internal combustion engines.


Paulista Power and Light Company (CPFL)/INTERGEN , Americana, SP

  • Forecasting the generation of atmospheric pollution with the implementation of a thermoelectric plant in the city of Americana, SP.


Villares Metals , Sumaré, SP

  • Scale formation in billet heating;

  • Evaluation of the VTG oven gas burners.


Liquid Carbonic , Rio de Janeiro, RJ

  • Incineration of pasty waste.



  • Nationalization of flare systems.


Peroxides from Brazil , Curitiba, PR

  • Incineration of Liquid Waste;

  • Accidental Explosion Analysis.


Companhia Petroquímica do Nordeste (COPENE) , Camaçari, BA

  • Efficiency of boiler burners.


Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) , Brasília, DF

  • Preparation of material for a volume on Chemistry in Propulsion.


Military Institute of Engineering (IME) , Rio de Janeiro, RJ

  • Sabot project analysis.


PROVIDRO , Caçapava, SP

  • Study for the development of the company's solar collectors.


Sider Shopping , Volta Redonda, RJ

  • Economic, energetic and environmental analysis in the application of a cogeneration system using natural gas micro-turbines.


Nitrocarbon , Camaçari, BA

  • Incineration of liquid waste.


Ultrafertil , Curitiba, PR

  • Combustion of BPF oil.


Albras , Barcarena, PA

  • Physico-chemistry of the sugar melting process.


Proppet , Camacari, BA

  • Incineration of liquid waste.


Citrosuco , Limeira, SP

  • Replacement of BPF oil by natural gas in citrus bagasse drying.


HPB – Engenharia e Equipamentos Ltda. , Sertãozinho, SP

  • Acoustic vibrations in the furnace/boiler system at Siderúrgica Viena, Açailândia, MA.


Kei-Tek , São Bernardo do Campo, SP

  • Acoustic vibrations in a boiler at Levorin, Guarulhos, SP.


Southcorp Water Heaters , Australia

  • Pulsating combustion.

Agência Espacial Brasileira
Villares metals
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