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SOLFERINI teaches courses  of Industrial Combustion, with a focus on Energy and Environment. Specific courses with special topics of interest to the company can also be held.  Advantages of in-company courses:

- Topics are addressed specifically for the company's needs and priorities;                             

- Group dynamics are facilitated;

- The course can be taught at the company, minimizing travel and accommodation costs;

- Flexible dates and times;  

- The workload will be appropriate to the length of the program.

SOLFERINI has a completely remodeled teaching material in order to transmit combustion knowledge in a clear, objective and very interactive way.



Industrial Combustion

  • ABM, São Paulo, SP (15 times);

  • ABM, Timothy, MG (3 times);

  • ABM, Vitória, ES;

  • ThyssenKrupp CSA, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (3 times);

  • Usiminas, Ipatinga, MG (2 times);

  • CSN, Volta Redonda, RJ (2 times);

  • GASMIG, Contagem, MG;

  • Gerdau/Pindamonhangaba Unit, SP;

  • Alstom – Air Preheater Brasil, Vinhedo, SP;

  • Vale do Rio Doce Company, Vitória, ES;

  • SHV Gas, Campinas, SP;

  • CST, Serra, ES;

  • Federal University of Espírito Santo, ES;

  • Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marco, Lima, Peru.


Industrial Combustion - Oil and Gas

  • ABM, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (2 times);

  • ABM, Vitória, ES;

  • Usiminas, Ipatinga, MG.


Basic Combustion

  • ThyssenKrupp CSA, Rio de Janeiro, RJ;

  • Petrobras, Rio de Janeiro, RJ;

  • Federal University of Santa Catarina;

  • Federal University of Espirito Santo

  • 9th Brazilian Congress of Engineering and Thermal Sciences, Caxambu, Minas Gerais.



  • CST, Serra, ES;

  • Votorantim Cimentos, Curitiva, PR;

  • SENAI/CTGás, Esteio, RS;

  • Federal University of Santa Catarina..


Combustion and Environment

  • ABM, São Paulo, SP;

  • ThyssenKrupp CSA, Rio de Janeiro, RJ;

  • CST, Serra, ES.


Combustion of Gases and Liquids

  • COPENE, Camacari, BA.


Introduction to Combustion

  • University of Brasília, course for the Fire Department, Brasília Unit, DF.


Principles of Combustion and Gas Interchangeability

  • Open course, São José dos Campos, SP.


Waste Incineration

  • FAENQUIL, Lorena, SP (2 times).


Greenhouse gases

  • Open course, São Paulo, SP.


Theory of Combustion

  • CETTA, Salvador, BA.


Flame Stabilization

  • COPENE, Camacari, BA.


Energy Efficiency in Combustion Furnaces

  • ABM, Belo Horizonte, MG.


Internal Ballistics and Combustion

  • ENGESA, Sao Paulo, SP.


Combustion, Explosion and Propagation of Flames

  • IMBEL, Piquete, SP.


Industrial Combustion

  • Montanuniversität, Leoben, Austria.

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